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They Call Me Farang
Short Stories By An American In Bangkok

Weary from running his printing business in Southern California, Scott Mallon hops on a jet bound for Thailand with three bags and $10,000 to his name. Originally planned as a one year sabbatical, his journey ends up as a twenty-five-year stay. In They Call Me Farang, Mallon delivers a timeless collection of insightful, compelling short stories in the only way he knows, with dry humor and a straightforward, no holds barred voice. Learn what life is really like as an expatriate in Thailand; there is action, advice, comedy, love and of course, plenty of commentary on Thailand’s beautiful women. Get all the gritty details in this semi-autobiographical account of his two decades in the country.

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Ask Me Anything
Letters From Farang

What happens when lonely, horny, desperate, culturally inexperienced men from all parts of the globe travel to the world’s largest adult playground? In a perfect world, the men get laid, the women get paid and everyone goes home happy.

In Thailand though, where women are willing to provide the girlfriend experience and copious sex for the price of a cheap shirt, it pays to tread carefully. A man quickly can lose touch with reality, forgetting these pseudo-relationships are business arrangements lasting only as long as there is money or until their woman believes her cash cow is milked dry.

Available at Amazon in Kindle and printed formats
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